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I know there aren't many people out there who would share this sentiment, but I LOVE grey weekends. When the weather is chilly and overcast with the threat of rain, I can sit back and relax without feeling guilty.

Today is one such day, made even better by my being able to avoid the rush of holiday shoppers flooding the streets and parking lots.

Admittedly, I do have to make one errand run, but that's it.

Love days like today.


Too Much

It's Too Much Tuesday!

Got a call from NAPA. I already knew my car repairs were going to be major and more expensive than I wanted. There was a reason I avoided getting a car for so many years. What with the intial purchase cost, insurance, taxes, care and feeding... those things are pricey! Why can't we all live like the Venicians? That's such a convivial way of life, seriously. I digress. The part to fix the door handle was not only not available, it's also a part only Ford makes (bastards), so they had to order it. That's another $80 and an hour of labor. This is going to be painfully close to $1,000 and all because I asked them to change the oil and investigate a sound that apparently they don't even hear!

Add to that a call from my mother, who had gone to give my bees some sugar syrup. She said they were swarming. Apparently, they were just the freshly-hatched workers taking their orientation flights all together as one massive ball of bees... at least according to the experts at the local beekeeping club. I'm hoping they're right because my hive did not fair well last year and I do not want a repeat.

So instead of relaxing, I got to rush around scrubbing old frames clean to run out and give the bees more room just in case a swarm was imminent. I've ordered more foundation and I'm hoping all will be well.

Partially the swarm scare is my own fault. I was lazy this past weekend. I had intended to finish the cleaning of the old frames and go put the second brood box on. Instead, I sat on my ass maing icons and finding fun hentai pictures. Time well spent? Debatable. Lesson learned? Definitely.

One Crappy Monday.

This has been one crappy Monday... literally.

What is it about Autism that leaves so many children incapable of toileting without diapers or assistance? Mondays are miserable enough without having to clean up someone else's shit. I do not get paid enough to deal with that. I need poop pay.

Add to an already crappy day an assplant, and I have the makings of the perfect Monday. Tripped over my excitable little dog (he's cute, but not too bright), landing square on my ass. I'm currently rocking the Ibuprofen and hoping the pain will be gone by tomorrow. Wanted to ride my bicycle to work -- good for me, good for the environment, inspires the lazy children to ride their bikes to school, winning all around really.

Mondays. Who needs 'em?

New Toys?

The last time I went on and on about my new toys (mp3 players), they all popped out or turned out wrong, so I'm slightly reluctant to do it again for fear of building up the hype for myself.

Still, I am excited and wish I had chosen a faster shipping method because I hate that I'm going to have to wait until next week (ELEVEN DAYS!) for it to arrive. I've been shopping for some bedroom aids for a while now, just browsing, really. Finally, I narrowed my choices down to a few things that seemed right for me. I'm not too keen on plastic, rubber or silicone. I have this thing about inserting such modern unknowns into myself. Call me weird, but it's my way.

So I went to Babeland online and found this:

If there's one thing I'm hard-pressed to resist, it's a good deal and two glass dildos for less than the cost of one... call me weak-willed, but I had to have them. I threw in a Super Bullet vibrator while I was at it. In for a penny, in for a pound and all that.

Now it really is all down to that fact that I absolutely hate waiting. (ELEVEN DAYS, oye)


What is it about spring that always gets my naughty juices flowing?
I've noticed that I'll wander off, but every year around this time I'm back on LJ, drooling over hentai and wishing I was a better artist so that I could render my own fantasies in anime form.
Practice makes perfect, I suppose.


My friend still hasn't reviewed my stuff on etsy. She insists she hasn't forgotten, though I've already had her tell me she forgot about the shipping. I didn't sell her stuff for the holidays to make money, but to get reviews on etsy. In the end, it looks like I'll get neither.

Last weekend I was surprised by a purchase from a total stranger. They ordered from Germany! Luckily they were on a military base in Germany, so it was essentially a package to the US. I only lost 90 cents on shipping, far better than it could have been.

What annoys me is that the item was up there for my friend to buy. I had it posted at a "friends" discount rate, which leaves me with virtually no profit.

I love my friend, really I do, but I'll be damned if I'm going to rely on her for anything like this again.

Oh, And

That mp3 player I was so excited about?

The first time, they sent me the wrong one. The second one, which I got a discount on because they screwed up but which I had to order separately and therefore got charged twice (run-on sentence!), was a dud. It worked for about three days then turned itself off and refused to turn back on.

Luckily, returning it was no issue.

Bad news, I'm still waiting for the free return shipping label from Best Buy. It's been a couple weeks now, and I've still only gotten one email from them telling me that they'll let me know how/when to expect the label when they've processed my request.

Good news, my mother found (FOUND!) an 8 GB iPod and let me have it because she's not that into music. Sweet. Been about two weeks and it still works. I'm not particularly brand loyal, but I'm starting to like that little Apple product.


Asked a friend in November to review some of my stuff on etsy. She agreed since she was going to buy it anyway. I put it up... nothing. She bought more for Christmas and I sent it, also put it up on etsy for her to "buy" and review. Nothing.

Emailed her the links several times to the point where I feel like I'm being a pest... nothing.

Suddenly I get a call from another friend. She bought one of the items I'd put up there for my other friend to buy. She followed the link from Facebook, where the first friend had posted it.

While I appreciate her praise on FB, I need proper reviews on etsy to get strangers to buy from me. It's what we agreed on. As a law student, I would think she'd have some level of respect for an agreement that can be traced in written emails. ...shows what I know, don't it?

So I'll have at least one review on etsy. Maybe that's all you need.

New Toy

Just ordered a factory refurbished mp3 player from Best Buy. It's twice as many gigs as I could normally get for that price. Yay!

Can't wait for it to arrive.