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Asked a friend in November to review some of my stuff on etsy. She agreed since she was going to buy it anyway. I put it up... nothing. She bought more for Christmas and I sent it, also put it up on etsy for her to "buy" and review. Nothing.

Emailed her the links several times to the point where I feel like I'm being a pest... nothing.

Suddenly I get a call from another friend. She bought one of the items I'd put up there for my other friend to buy. She followed the link from Facebook, where the first friend had posted it.

While I appreciate her praise on FB, I need proper reviews on etsy to get strangers to buy from me. It's what we agreed on. As a law student, I would think she'd have some level of respect for an agreement that can be traced in written emails. ...shows what I know, don't it?

So I'll have at least one review on etsy. Maybe that's all you need.