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Almost Over

So sad. The extended weekend is almost over. With so many vacation days this month, I should be happy that I have work lined up, but sometimes the idea of going in to deal with Kindergarteners is just stressful. I would love to go back to that arts school where the 7th & 8th graders just did their work. Crazy concept. And when they talked, I could understand them, and their conversations were bordering on the intelligent.

I know I should just shut up and deal with what I got. Take it like a big girl.

Whine whine.

Grades: The New Taskmaster

I think I need to find a new system for grading. It's taking me forever, and I haven't even begun to argue with PowerTeacher yet. Apparently, it doesn't want to work from home. That means more time spent after school... joy.

I miss plain old substituting. The variety more than made up for the uncertainty. And the lack of responsibilities was more than worth the drop in pay!

New Toy!

So excited! I got a new laptop! I got a router! I have internet in my room! I can do all the fun stuff without having to fear it being discovered on the home computer!


Mixed Bunch

Hello! Long-time lurker here. I'm climbing out from under my rock to bring you icons. Mixed batch of goodies. Nothing fancy.

Comments are golden.

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Given my career goals, I thought it best to delete my account and never look at hentai again... good plan, too bad I'm totally weak-willed and hentai-obsessed.

But You have to give me credit. I did stay away for four months.

Really weird.

Had a really weird dream last night about spaceships and spiders that possessed people and "religion boxes" which where a new fad in pilgrimage in my futuristic dream. Weird.
Not too bad of a birthday.

Cake, presents, well wishing, etc.

I did have to work, but it wasn't so bad. It was a slow enough day to avoid the crazies, but busy enough to let the time pass quickly.

And some revelations were reached: The cold sucks. I don't want to be cold. To hell with moving to the cold. Yes, earth-shattering stuff.

I'm a quarter century old.




A productive, if somewhat slow morning.

I got to sleep late since I don't have to be into work until after 10. And since my dad had to drive my mom to jury duty, I have the whole house and the computer to myself this morning.

So I got a new lj layout. I've given up trying to make my own, and the available themes under Expressive are awesome. Also I started reworking my geocities account. It's the only place I have to store my hentai, so I might as well keep it tidy and organized so I can find what I'm looking for.

And I haven't given up on my Stratfield idea. But I don't have the ability to turn it into a full story, so I'm scaling it down into short vignettes maybe with some accompanying illustrations. I've been wanting to practice my art more, and this gives me the chance.


It's taken a while, but I've finally found the analogy. Retail is like having 50 bosses.

Your job security is dependent upon the happiness of the customers, as opposed to in an office where you only have to kiss up to your immediate superiors. This sucks, some days I just don't have any smile in me.

Today was looking like one of those smile-less days. So many customers coming wave upon wave, the tables piling up with no time to clear them. But then the ray of light came, not in an exceptionally happy customer but the most irate customer I've ever seen. But I was so amused, not because she was unhappy, but because her anger was totally disproportionate to the offense.

She had to wait in line a little longer than she liked because the card-reader didn't like another woman's card. And for this she was practically yelling at everyone around her, and threatening to call the head office! The biggest smile spread across my face, as I checked her out of the store. She made my day.

I just burnt my bagel...sigh.

I'm so sorry, I've been neglecting my livejournal! There's no excuse aside from my being distracted. I went to Disney, and was so miserable that I've been in a funk ever since. I don't blame myself or the park, I blame the program. Others that I talked to, who had done the program numerous times, said this was their worst internship ever.

So I left, and was bummed. I got a retail job, and got fired after just two weeks. I've been attempting to recover my self-esteem ever since.

I'm finally getting there. I've pretty much decided retail is not for me. I've only attempted it twice, and have been fired or quite in less than a month. All the jobs that I've held have been service jobs--dry cleaner, dining hall worker, newspaper carrier. So I guess I'm going waitressing.

It's taken me a few months, but I'm finally getting de-funked (hehee). I'm getting happy again, soon I'll be that girl flying through the aisles on her grocery cart!